Sami Alzeer

Research Associate

Center of Excellence for Microwave Sensor Technology

Eng. Alzeer holds an MSc Degree in Communications Systems and Signal Processing. He worked as a researcher in the field of array processing and compressive sensing especially its application in the Direction of Arrival Estimation for Massive MIMO Systems. He worked previously in the Synthetic Aperture Radar system as an algorithm developer for image formation. Before that he worked as a Comms/Rf engineer in the Satellite systems. Achievements:

  1. Applied Compressive Sensing/ Sparse Recovery method to estimate the direction of arrival of signals in the Massive MIMO systems, in both 1-dimentional array and 2-dimensional array.
  2. Developed an image formation algorithm compatible with the picoSAR system which produces a SAR image with better than 3-m resolution.
  3. Designed, built and tested an X-band QPSK Data Transmitter for transmitting images stored in a LEO satellite.
  4. Designed and analyzed a UHF and VHF wire antennas for LEO satellite command and control transmitters and receivers.
  5. Performed performance testing for the above satellite systems as well as other subsystems such as UHV/VHF transmitters and receivers systems.