Mohammad Alafari

Research Specialist

Center of Excellence for Microwave Sensor Technology

Mohammad started his career as a signal analyst and has done field measurements using a High range resolution RADAR. These measurements were to collect some measured data for detecting moving targets such as human and cars as well as different clutter types like; urban, vegetation and mountains. After that, these measured data were analyzed and used to improve the signal processing techniques used for detection. He also worked in the RF group of designing and building a new RADAR system, where he was involved in designing the receiver on a component level for that RADAR. In the RF field, he was also involved in the project Wireless power transfer with the University of Michigan. he worked in the non-radiative near field part of the project. He implemented some techniques to improve the efficiency of some existed wireless power transfer systems such as, Frequency tuning technique and the effect of using higher order matching networks. Then, he started designing, simulating, fabricating and testing a new wireless power transfer system in the lab. Currently he is doing his Masters in Electrical and computer engineering at the University of Michigan and still working on the wireless power transfer project as his research part of the Masters.